Graham Chronofighter Oversize N351
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Men's watch Graham Chronofighter Oversize N351 is a classic, chronometer-accurate Japanese movement.the Watch belongs to the AAA class (match the originals in appearance, size and features and have a guarantee of 24 months.Graham Chronofighter Over..
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Are you attracted to watches with an unusual design? If the answer is yes, then you will like Graham brand products that combine unusual shapes and exclusive design. You can buy Graham men's watches in the Lux33 online store.

Graham watches: will not go unnoticed

George Graham is an outstanding man of his time. When the accuracy of the watch was 10 minutes per day, he was able to make an extraordinary breakthrough and reduce this time to 1 second. This was a revolution in the watch industry and far from the only discovery made by a talented watchmaker. The invention of the first chronograph in 1725 is also attributed to this young Englishman.

In 1995, the name of this inventor sounded with renewed vigor: a manufactory under the name Graham was opened in the Swiss La Chaux-de-Fonds. To attract attention in the market, the company decided to supplement its watch models with an unusual design. So, the factory mechanism is non-standard located on the left side, it has a special lever designed for the thumb. The watch was an overwhelming success, and the brand was able to attract special attention. Now models are being produced with a non-standard crown and with the usual arrangement, but an extraordinary solution has become the hallmark of the brand.

Popular watch models by Graham

  • Graham Swordfish is a 2004 model that was named after migratory predators. A distinctive feature of the watch is the presence of two magnifying glasses.
  • Graham Chronofighter Oversize N351 - a clock with a crown on the left side, with contrasting bright pink hands. This model is presented on our website.
  • Tourbillon Orrery Tourbillon is a limited edition. It has a scale over the years, designed for a hundred-year cycle. The dial also has a moon corrector and a Mars corrector.
  • The Moon - an astronomical clock that displays the phases of the moon cycle. The movement is decorated with diamonds constellations and engraved by hand.

A watch from Graham is not only a high-quality and reliable mechanism, it is also a creative component, seasoned with an artistic style and packaged in an original design. If you want to buy quality Swiss watches, you can do it in the Lux33 online store. We guarantee you affordable prices and quality service.